Robbed by Vader – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Robbed by Vader

Is there really anything more epic than being ripped off by Darth Vader?

A man decked out in a full Darth Vader costume robbed a bank in New York.  Then apparently he Force Pushed some dude to the ground and Force Ran The Hell Away.

Robbing a bank is probably the dumbest crime there is (second only to robbing a convenience store, maybe) because there’s almost no way you’ll get away with it.  And even if you do get away clean, you get maybe a few grand for your trouble.  Is it really worth risking 20 years in prison for a few grand?  Especially since the chances you’ll get caught are pretty damn good?

But, if you’re going to rob a bank, I say do it in style.  And this guy sure did.  About the only way he could have improved on his technique would be if he’d used a movie prop blaster pistol  instead of a real gun.  That would have been totally sweet.  Also, it might have shaved 5 years off his eventual prison term.

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