Spammers – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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In case you haven’t noticed–and judging by my web stats, you haven’t–I’ve been getting a lot of spam in the comments area lately.  I recently changed the commenting policy from “must register before posting” to “anybody can post.”  And of course that means I now get a fair amount of spammer jackholes showing up.

You may wonder why I don’t just delete these obvious spam posts.  Well, the truth is that some of them say nice things about me and my awesome blog, so I let them have their link to their dirty porn site or whatever it is they’re spamming for, because hey, they stroked my ego.  Sure, those posts were probably written by a robot who didn’t even read the article, much less understand it, but I’m so desperate for affection I’ll go ahead and approve any bit of broken English that tells me I’m awesome!

The best ones, however, are the random Russian spammers.  I’ve approved several comments from Russian spammers so far, mostly because it turns out Russian spammers are completely awesome.   The Russian prostitute spam is pretty straightforward, but my favorite so far is this guy who quoted Cervantes at me.  I don’t speak sputnik, but thankfully Google translate does.  Otherwise, I might not receive the wisdom of the great Russian spammer philosopher-poets.  And I definitely wouldn’t be able to get a date the next time I’m in Moscow.

Anyhow, thank you spammers for all your kind words and the great links to products I’ll never buy and websites written in a language I don’t understand.  I don’t know what what I’d do for entertainment without you!  I mean, besides read my own awesome blog.

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