One lucky kid – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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One lucky kid

So apparently, this isn’t something that only happens in the movies. An Arizona woman strapped her one-month-old baby securely in his car seat, then drove off with him still on the roof. Now, first of all, I don’t have children. Which is probably a good thing. But I have to ask–is it a common practise to put your baby on the roof of your car in the first place? I’m not sure why, if so, but I’m willing to entertain the notion that I just don’t “get it,” not being one of those breeder types myself.

What I’m fairly sure isn’t common is leaving the little rugrat sitting alone on the pinnacle of Orthanc, whilst you drive away high. Oh, did I mention she was high? Yeah. Totally high. I’m not one to argue that we should ban things because people do stupid things when they use them, but let’s not go crazy in the other direction, either, claiming being high had nothing to do with it–being high probably had a lot to do with this situation. Not saying people can’t be this stupid stone cold sober, but… it takes effort, usually.

The best (read: worst) part of this story is how the woman and her boyfriend were stopped a few hours earlier, and her boyfriend was arrested for “aggravated DUI” which is apparently something that means “driving drunk while there’s a kid in the car.”  I wonder what fancy term they have for “driving away high and dumping your kid off the roof of the car into an intersection?” If they don’t have one, I bet they make one up soon. I suggested “aggravated dumbosity.”

Oh, by the way: The kid was OK. Somehow!

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