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It’s Super Bowl time, so let’s talk about A-Rod!

The climax of the NFL season is upon us. After two months of training camp and pre-season, seventeen weeks of regular season games, three weeks of playoff games, and one super crucial Media Hype Week, Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching. So of course, it’s time to talk about Alex Rodriguez!

Long time readers of this blog will remember how it all began, with a post about A-Rod dumping his hot wife for that ancient sweathog Madonna. About six months later, there was this wonderful story about A-Rod possibly owning an oil painting depicting himself as a centaur.

Well, now it comes full circle. Madonna will be croaking a few of her fabulous 80s ditties at the Super Bowl this year, so of course she had to have a press conference as part of Hype Week. And of course, some shit-stirring Beantown reporter asked her about A-Rod’s rumored painting.

You can watch the video by following that link, but her response to the actual question was basically “I don’t know.” However, she also added “But I’m pretty sure he has a very large photograph of me lying on a horse.”

…wow. I can’t help but imagine both of those hanging side-by-side above A-Rod’s bed. And then I can’t help but wonder–does the man have a horse fetish?

And then I realize: I don’t want to know.

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