Kelsey Grammer may be an idiot – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Kelsey Grammer may be an idiot

Remember that show “Cheers”?  That was a pretty good show. Kelsey Grammar was on that show, and then he got his own show, and now he’s totally rich and famous. And although he plays an incredibly intelligent guy on TV, it turns out he may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer in real life. As exhibit A in my case, I present to you this article right here.

Mr Grammer is apparently getting a divorce from his wife. This is not an unusual thing, especially in Hollywood. However, what is rather unusual is that apparently Grammer’s wife never actually wanted to be married to him. He claims that she asked for a divorce “almost the first day we were married.” Of course he’s weaseling with the “almost,” but it’s still rather apparent that (he claims, at least) the woman never much cared for him. And yet, he married her anyway.  And then when she asked for a divorce, he said… no? It apparently took him quite awhile to cave, because he says “If you say you want a divorce enough times, you’re going to get one.” Uh, yeah.  That’s generally how it works. I mean, sure, if you think things can be worked out, by all means try to work them out. But this does not seem to be one of those cases.

This is by far my favorite quote from the article:

When asked whether he thought his ex married him because of his fame, the actor said, “No, I think she married me because I was Frasier,” referring to his role as Dr. Frasier Crane​ on the sitcoms “Cheers” and “Frasier.”

Uh. Isn’t that pretty much the same thing? Unless he’s seriously saying the woman fell in love with the character he played on TV and married him because she thought he was really like that?

In that case, then she’s an idiot. So maybe they deserve each other.

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