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There’s always one…

Every fantasy football league has at least one guy who ignores his team and consistently screws up by playing guys who are hurt or on a bye. Nobody likes that guy. If you weren’t going to participate and at least check your team once a week to make sure you’re not stupidly playing three guys on IR, why did you bother to sign up for the league?

Well, this year, I am that guy in my league. Some real life shit has laid the smack down on my enthusiasm for a lot of things, and fantasy football has taken a back seat for awhile.  Consequently, I’ve been playing Antonio Gates at tight end for the entire season despite the fact that he’s hurt and this week his team had a bye anyway.

This week, though, I looked like a genius. My back up tight end, Chris Cooley, who was sitting on my bench, caught one pass for minus one yard and scored -0.07 fantasy points in my league. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen–I played a guy on a bye and he ended up scoring more points than the best alternative I had.

I fucking rule at fantasy football.

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