Goat steroids – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Goat steroids

The scourge of performance enhancing drugs has finally descended on the last great bastion of sportsmanship–the agricultural fair. The Weinroth family of Sedalia, Colorado recently had two prize-winning goats disqualified at the Colorado State Fair after tests revealed ractopamine in their urine.  To quote the Colorado Attorney General “The FDA has not approved ractopamine for use in goats, which means that no level of concentration is acceptable in the urine of the species.”  Take that cheaters!

The Weinroths insist they are innocent, that someone must have slipped their goats some tainted feed. The disqualification means that the family is out the $5500 and $1300 dollars the goats sold for, and they also get a 50 fair suspension for the first offense.

I know I will rest easier knowing that the state is protecting me from the scourge of over-lean show goats.

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