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Cheaters never prosper

So a couple of dudes up in the great white north (aka Canada, aka America’s hat) decided they needed to cheat in order to pass the Medical College Admissions Test, which is apparently some kind of test, possibly for admissions to medical college (just taking a shot in the dark on that one…)  The problem was, they failed to let the guys who were feeding them the answers in on the scam.

Apparently, while one dude sat in the exam room actually taking the test, his cohort was in another room with three others who thought they were testing for a job as MCAT tutors!  The test taker would photograph the questions on the exam, feed them via a wireless connection to his cohort, who would then pass the question on to the would-be tutors.

Unfortunately for the cheaters, (but fortunately for fans of hilarity) the three men caught on to what was going on.   Tipped off by the poor quality of the images of questions being projected onto a screen, and by the fact that the interviewer was encouraging them to discuss their answers aloud with each other before answering, they soon cottoned on to the scam.  During one of the many times their “interviewer” excused himself to go make a phone call to his test-taking buddy in order to feed him the answers, the men called campus security.  While they waited for someone to show up and bust the guys, they started feeding wrong answers to the cheaters!

I think the moral of this story is, “never try to scam people who are way smarter than you.”  Also, if these guys knew some potential MCAT tutors, why didn’t they just have those guys help them study rather than try to dupe them into helping them cheat?

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