Italy fails at science – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Italy fails at science

So it looks like some fucktards in the Italian government are bringing a group of seismologists up on charges of “failure to predict deadly earthquake.”  No seriously.  Apparently the Italian government thinks scientists should be able to infallibly predict earthquakes, and so if an earthquake happens without warning and people die, clearly the scientists have been negligent and should be charged with manslaughter!

Anybody who knows anything about the actual science of seismology (which apparently does not include anybody in the Italian government) knows that earthquake prediction is an inexact science at best.  If anybody could infallibly predict earthquakes, don’t you think they would have warned, say, the Haitians last year?  Or New Zealand and Japan this year?  Like a TV weatherman, a seismologist does his best to predict what will happen, but nobody is surprised when he’s wrong.

Nobody, that is, except Italians I guess.

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