Japanese Nut Shot Game Show – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Japanese Nut Shot Game Show

I don’t usually go for the cheap laugh, and there is no cheaper laugh than some poor dude getting smacked in the balls.  OK, I’m a complete liar, I’m all about the cheap laugh.  But I’ve avoided the standard nut shot compilation video because it’s just too easy.  Also, people getting hurt isn’t usually something that makes me laugh.

This video here, though, is a little different:

I’m not sure what the hell is going on, but this appears to be one of those insane Japanese game shows where people do random stuff and get hurt.  In this case, a group of guys stand over a machine that is going to smack them in the bag if they fail to perform some task.  I haven’t any idea what is going on since I don’t speak Japanese, but it seems like all but one of these poor fools fails the task, and takes a shot in the family jewels.

What on earth would compel somebody to do this?  I’m not entirely sure you could pay me enough money to do this.  OK, I lie again, I’d do it for a million bucks for sure.  But still, holy crap!  That looks like it hurts like a sumbitch.

After watching this, I’m left wondering… What the hell is wrong with Japanese people?

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