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What time is it? How fast can I go?

You know how you’ll be tooling along at 40 MPH on your way to work, and holy shit, out of nowhere there’s a horde of mewling little bastards blocking your path on their way to serve their daily prison sentence learn how to become upstanding members of society? And how you gotta jam on the brakes and go slow through the school zone because there’s a special speed limit in effect during the times the kids are most likely to be busy getting in your way?  Well, imagine if you had to deal with signs like this:

AP Photo/Tim Thompson











That there is Michigan resident Greg Smith, standing in front of one of the signs in his neighborhood. Some genius clearly decided to save a few bucks on a flashing light to indicate when the school speed limit is in effect and instead decided to list in painstaking detail all the times when the 25 MPH limit is in force.

As Greg points out, drivers almost have to come to a full stop just to have time to READ the entire sign to figure out what the speed limit is! And the thing is ludicrously specific as to what times the reduced speed limit is in effect. Why is there a 15 minute period between 8:22 AM and 8:37 AM when it’s not in effect? For those 15 minutes only, it’s perfectly OK to do the normal speed limit through there, but once that clock ticks over to 8:37, better stomp on those brakes son! Wouldn’t it be easier for everybody involved to just say “6:45 AM to 9:00 AM, and 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM” That does away with the weird gaps and makes the sign, you know, READABLE. By humans. Driving by in cars.

No, that would definitely be too sensible.

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