I smell dead people – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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I smell dead people

This one seems pretty straightforward at first.  Woman buys new SUV, then brings it back, claiming it smells like somebody died inside. Turns out, hey, the thing has been stolen three times and was in fact used to transport a corpse! Woman sues dealership for failure to disclose this.

But then I thought about it for more than just the two seconds I usually spend thinking about things like this. Put yourself in this situation. You’re in the market for a (presumably) used vehicle, so you head to a local dealership and the salesman shows you a SUV in your price range. Except… hoo boy, what is that smell? This is the first point where I probably would have just left. There’s plenty of dealerships around, even in Michigan (I’m told they even used to make cars in Detroit–can you believe that? Detroit!) so I’d just go down the street to the next one.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that you did not leave. Hey, it’s just a smell, it can be gotten rid of, right? At this point you demand that the dealer fully clean and detail the vehicle before you’ll purchase it, right? Well, the article doesn’t actually say she didn’t have them attempt to clean the vehicle, but it’s fairly clear she still bought the car even though it smelled, after being assured it was only a dead animal that was causing the smell! Only a dead animal!

No, see, that’s where I draw the line. Sorry.

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