Sorry, more baseball – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Sorry, more baseball

But at least I’ll keep it short this time.  Can I just ask, is there anybody out there who has a clue why Joe Girardi sent an obviously gassed and struggling CC Sabathia back out to the mound for the 6th inning last night? I understand the Yankees have a shaky bullpen and all, but really, there was no other option than praying CC could find the plate at least 3 times in 7 without getting shelled? Maybe they need to consider asking Mo to just come in whenever the starter is done. Come on, Goose Gossage did it, so can you, Mariano!

Also, what’s with all the bunting, anyhow?  I swear the Tigers bunted every time there was a runner on first or second with less than two outs. I know, it’s OLD SKOOL to bunt, and Jim Leyland is like the fucking oldest of the old school. But seriously guys. Maybe just leave that guy on second and try to drive him in with a hit, huh? You don’t gain a whole lot moving him over to third, especially if you’re trading that for an out. Bunting is fucking lame.

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