Baseball’s finally over – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Baseball’s finally over

What’s that you say? There are still the playoffs and World Series to go? For some people, the interminable pre-season has ended and the real baseball season has finally started!

Yeah, well, I’m what you call a Red Sox fan, so for me baseball ended last night. Yeah, I like baseball enough that I’ll probably watch at least the World Series, if not the LCS’s, but my attention is going to be spotty at best for the division series round. I know, I should shut up, the Sox have won twice in the last decade, and they’re one of the big money teams in baseball so I should somehow feel like social justice was done because the small market Rays completed an improbable comeback last night to make the post season.

But fuck that. Losing still sucks. Going from being the best team in baseball to a team that can’t take two of three from the Baltimore Orioles when it mattered the most blows chunks. Injuries, regression to the mean, and just plain sucking did them in and gave the surging Rays the wild card spot the Sox had all but sewn up a month ago.

A lot of people think the baseball season is too long, and I’m usually counted among them. In my ideal world, baseball would be over before football season started. But this year I’d really like to have had at least one more game. But let’s face it. The Sox were losing game 163 anyhow, since they had nobody to pitch. So it’s probably for the best they didn’t have to bother.

So fuck the Red Sox anyhow. Maybe next year they can spend ten billion dollars and buy up everybody in the league and play 162 games against whatever farm team prospects are left.  Oh, who am I kidding, they’d still find a way to lose.

Let’s go whoever is playing the Yankees!

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