That’s hot – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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That’s hot

There’s nothing chicks dig more than a guy with a mistreated, malnourished, growth-stunted alligator.  I mean, right?  It really turns them on when a guy has an alligator in a small tub, right?  An alligator that he intentionally under feeds so it “won’t grow too large”?  Wait, no?  Chicks don’t dig that at all?

In that case, Dewayne Yarbrough is a dumb motherfucker.  Not that you really needed to be told, since anybody with an actual functioning brain could tell you that “Hey, you want to go back to my place and see my alligator?” is a pick-up line liable to get you slapped hard enough to loosen your teeth, and “Want to see my big, scaly reptile?” is just too disgusting to think about.  But Dewayne, a man so dumb he can’t spell his own name right, apparently does not have a functioning brain.  Or an alligator, any more.   Asshole.

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