Murderer tattoos confession on his chest – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Murderer tattoos confession on his chest

Anthony Garcia may not be the dumbest man in the world, but I’d hate to meet anybody dumber.  Mr. Garcia was recently arrested by LA County police after a routine check of gang member tattoo photos revealed that he’d tattooed an entire crime scene on his chest–one relating to an unsolved gang murder from four years ago.

Homicide investigator Kevin Lloyd was flipping through the photos taken of gang members who had previously been arrested.  LA County keeps photos of tattoos on file for future reference.  During this routine activity, he happened upon the photo of Mr Garcia, and quickly recognized the scene tattooed on his chest.  It was the scene of an unsolved murder he’d worked several years before, correct in every detail.  The liquor store Christmas lights, the street light, street sign, everything about the scene was just as he remembered it.

So the cops went and picked the dude up, and got a confession out of him.  I assume by saying “Hey, that murder you have tattooed on your chest–you committed that, right?”  And him saying “Yeah–I mean… Oh shit.”  Seriously though Anthony.  Shitty idea.

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