Nazis have no sense of humor – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Nazis have no sense of humor

Sometimes I think the Nazis would have been funny if they hadn’t been a bunch of totalitarian murdering racist scumbag fucks.  Colonel Klink was pretty hilarious, and I hear Hitler did a great Charlie Chaplin impression.  But of course, they were a bunch of totalitarian murdering racist scumbag fucks, so it’s hard to do much but be pissed at them.

But when I read something like this, I just can’t help but laugh.  It seems a dude in Finland owned a dog that would raise his paw high in the air in an imitation Nazi salute at the command “Hitler.”  This so enraged the Nazis, they tried to have the man’s life ruined.  Large parts of the German government spent months digging up dirt on the guy and even planning to destroy his business.  Finnish officials questioned him, and when he denied that he called the dog Hitler and denied doing anything that could be construed as insulting the Reich, they eagerly reported back to the Germans that he was a damn liar.

The German government debated whether or not to bring the guy up on charges of “insulting Hitler,” but when they couldn’t find any witnesses willing to testify, I guess they figured it wasn’t worth the bother of manufacturing evidence (although this didn’t stop them when they wanted to invade Poland.)  So they looked into just destroying his entire life instead.  The German company that was the main supplier to the guy’s wholesale business offered to end their business relationship with him, effectively killing his business.  It’s unclear why the government decided against this, but I’m guessing a rare moment of clarity isn’t the answer.  More likely, they just got distracted by that whole invasion of Russia thing.

In the end, the guy, his wife, and the dog got the last laugh, as all three of them outlived the “Thousand Year Reich.”

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