That is why you fail – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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That is why you fail

Feng Shui can go right to hell, but this headline about a Taiwanese high roller is pretty hilarious.  Blaming your two million dollars in losses on Feng Shui is just about the most absurd thing ever, but the best part is the article takes the time to point out that he was up 400k before the casino messed with his towels!

No.  Just stop.  It’s not goddamn FENG SHUI.  That shit is 100% bullshit.  It doesn’t work, it doesn’t change anything, it’s just a bunch of mystical shit.  Stop.   Now.

It’s called house edge and probability, motherfucker.  Look it up.  Hey, look, you don’t even have to, I linked that shit for you.  Now go read it and stop talking about GODDAMN FENG SHUI LIKE IT MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK.

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