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Shoot me again, I ain’t dead yet.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get shot? I have to admit, I have. I can’t say I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the idea, but I have had, on more than one occasion, a random thought that went something like this: “I wonder how much it would really hurt to get shot.” Of course it would probably all depends on the calibre of the bullet, the location of the wound(s), and whether or not you even survived, and if you did, if you had lasting damage to any part of your body afterwards.

Of course, not being completely insane, I never actually tried to find out what it might feel like. I mean, hey, if I really wanted to know, I could always just join the Marines and get shipped off to some third world country, or hang out in Detroit after dark or something like that. But I just don’t want to know that badly, you know?

Such is not the case with a certain New York man, whose name is apparently being withheld to protect the stupid. Said man apparently pestered his friend Shawn Mossow (whose name is not being withheld, apparently to shame the even stupider) until Shawn finally relented and shot him in the leg.

No shit! For reals. He shot his buddy in the leg with a .22 rifle after his friend’s “repeated requests” finally wore him down. No mention if copious amounts of beer were involved, but I’m going to guess the answer is “Duh.”

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