Mel Gibson is still a racist butthead – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Mel Gibson is still a racist butthead

I think we all know by know that Mel Gibson isn’t actually a nice man. I’m sure there are still people out there defending his crazy-ass rants against the Jews and Catholics and women and minorities in general, but let’s face facts: He’s kind of a dick. OK, not even “kind of.”  He’s a full-on, raging douchebag shithead fuckwad asshole motherfucker.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Joe Eszterhas. He has been working on a script for a movie Mel Gibson has been saying he is going to make about the Jewish hero Judah Maccabee. Gibson has said he wanted to make “the Jewish Braveheart” But as it turns out, maybe Mel never really was all that sincere about making such a movie. Joe certainly doesn’t think so. He sent a 9 page letter to Gibson (and apparently, to the internet as well, although nobody involved will fess up to that) in which he basically accuses Mel of acting like a Looney Tunes character (specifically, Daffy Duck), running around his mansion screaming his fool head off about how he hates Jews and his ex-girlfriend and how he wants to kill them all. So yeah, Daffy Duck.  If Daffy was a misogynist Nazi.

It’s a loooong rant, but it’s worth the read. I held off on writing about this for one reason–I was half convinced that Eszterhas hadn’t actually written the letter. The letter details two times that Joe and his family stayed with Mel at one of Mel’s houses, and both times Mel pulled his Nazi Daffy routine, leaving Joe feeling scared for his and his family’s safety. Now, at the risk of engaging in a bit of hindsight second-guessing and perhaps a bit of victim blaming, I couldn’t help but wonder why Joe would put not only himself but his entire family through that a second time, considering how badly the first experience went. But, apparently he did just that, since I have not seen anything on the tubes yet from Joe disclaiming the letter, and the Gibson camp has responded to it as if it were genuine, although they of course deny all allegations of Jew-hating and Looney Tuneery.

So yeah, it would appear that Mel Gibson (at least in the opinion of Joe Eszterhas) is a complete fuckhead who enjoys beating women, hates Jews, hates post-Vatican II Catholics, and only said he wanted to make a movie about Judah Maccabee to get the heat off him from the last time he got drunk and ran his mouth. Team Gibson of course claims that Joe is just mad that Mel didn’t like his script, so he wrote nine pages of flaming falsehoods trying to tear him down.

Sure, I totally believe that, Mel!

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