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Weekend at Bernie’s II: Electric–wait, hang on.

You mean there already is a Weekend at Bernie’s II?? Wow. That really seemed like a one-movie joke. Doesn’t seem like you could return to that well too many times before it went dry. And by “went dry” I mean “started smelling really bad.”

Anyhow, it seems like that these two assholes are big fans of the Bernie films, since when Robert Young came home one night to find his roommate dead, his first thought was to go find his buddy Mark Rubinson and then take the body out for a night on the town. The two apparently carted the dead man all over town, running up his bar bill at a local dive and then using his ATM card at a strip club. Then they dumped the body back at the house and tipped off a passing cop that they thought maybe there might be a dead guy in that house over yonder.

So now they sit in a Denver jail, charged with identity theft, criminal impersonation, and something called “abusing a corpse.” That does not sound good. These guys are going to have trouble finding a job in the future. Just think about having to answer the inevitable “have you ever been arrested?” question with “Yes, for abusing a corpse.”   Abusing a corpse!

Nobody on earth will hire them.

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