Garage sale mayhem – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Garage sale mayhem

Two old dudes at a California garage sale apparently got into it with each other.  They had both shown up early for the sale, as only old people who have nothing at all better to do with their time will do, and one man got a little uppity when the second man tried to get to the sale ahead of him.  So he did what any self-respecting 70 year old man would do.  He picked up a five pound, cast iron corn bread pan and cracked the dude over the head with it.  The article doesn’t say, but at this point I believe the assembled crowd started to spontaneously chant “ECW!  ECW!”  Or at least, they should have.

The police are currently holding the aggressor on ‘suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon’.  Presumably, they have to test to find out just how deadly a 5 pound cast iron pan is before they can officially charge him with that.  I’d hate to be among the test subjects.  Anyhow, any civilized person knows there’s only one rational way to solve this dispute.

Thunderdome cage match.  Two men enter.  One man leaves.  Oh, you want first crack at that dirty toaster and that broken AM radio?  You best be prepared to pay the price!  And I ain’t talking about the price on the tag, SUCKA!

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