Richard Dawson is the man – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Richard Dawson is the man

When not randomly groping female contestants, Richard Dawson spent a lot of time laying the smack down on dumb people.  I guess you could call him a kindred spirit.  Here he is in top form, dealing with an especially deficient family:

When asked for an animal with a three letter name, the first guy says “frog”.   Frog?  Well, ok.  He’s at least close!  Four letters is just one more than three.  The answer the second guy comes up with is indescribably awful, though–prompting Dawson to ask “You don’t use narcotics, do you Bob?”

Quick, name something that comes with a summer storm!  I bet nobody comes up with the answer Bob #1 blurts out.

Between the two of them, they’re so bad that Dawson allows the answer Bob #2 gave for the final question to be counted even though he answered long after the buzzer, because there was no chance they were winning the big money anyhow.

Man, I love game shows!

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