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It could happen to anybody, really

So I guess Woody Harrelson mistook a photographer for a zombie.

Actually, the idiot here is the damn photographer.  Apparently after he got “assaulted” by Mr Harrelson (presumably because he wouldn’t get his camera out of the man’s grille–and let’s be fair, any man could mistake that for a zombie attack) he continued to follow him and his daughter for four minutes with another camera rolling, until finally Woody and his family got into a car and left.

Ok, maybe Mr Harrelson took it too far.  Probably shouldn’t have roughed the guy up.  But man, when you think you’re being chased by a zombie with a camera, what are you supposed to do?  Oh, I know…  PRESS “A” BITCH!  THIS AINT NO CUTSCENE!  YOU AINT GOT TIME TO MAKE A PROFILE!

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