Dean Kamen is stealing my money – Holy Fucking Shit You're Dumb!
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Dean Kamen is stealing my money


Too big and fast for the sidewalk, too small and slow for the road!  This is just the thing to get GM out of bankruptcy!  Hope they give me back some of my money Uncle Sam sent them after I purposefully did not buy their shitty cars for years.

How in the name of all that is good and pure does Dean Kamen keep convincing people who should know better to give him money to create shit NOBODY WANTS, and is, in fact, COMPLETELY USELESS?

Hey Dean, I have a great idea!  I like your idea for a small, two-wheeled device to carry me around, but I’m not so impressed by the expensive software and gyroscopes required to keep it stable.  Instead, what say we come up with a design that offers dynamic stability?  Also, I think we can do away with the bulky, expensive, batteries and electric motor.  I bet we could make this device able to achieve speeds much faster than a typical human can achieve utilizing a series of clever gears and good old-fashioned muscle power!  And it would be even more “green” than your stupid electric thing, since, hey, that electricity still has to come from somewhere, right?

What do you say, Dean?  Think this concept has any merit?

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